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The aroma of, golden brown, freshly baked yeast products and breads, perfectly risen in SAFIRE INDUSTRIES BREAD PROOFER, is simply irresistible to the customer. The soft hearted breads amazing yeast products, perfectly risen time after time in Safire Industries Bread Proofer, PRO1600, helps create high quality yeast products and bread consistently, which helps build a loyal customer base.
  • Fully automatic. Resulting in an even Proofing chamber and perfect proofing of all all yeast based products including, breads, buns, baguette’s, donuts etc.
  • Microprocessor based digital temperature controller for accurate setting and control of bread proofing chamber temperature.
  • Humidity controller for easy setting and accurate control of humidity in the bread proofing chamber.
  • Fully Stainless Steel (SS 430) body, both on the inside and outside of the bread proofer.
  • Insulated Proofing Chamber, for energy saving.
  • These are few of the many reasons as to why Safire Industries PRO1600 Bread Proofer/Proofing Chamber takes out the guess work out of the critical step of proofing in bread making.

Bread Proofer PRO1600
Power Rating Electrical 2.0Kw.
Supply Voltage 220V/50Hz.
Single phase Neutral Earth.
Material Of Construction (External) SS 430
Tray Size 400mm X 600mm
Spacing Between Trays 75 mm
Capacity 16 trays
Floor Area About 0.427 Sq m.



  "We are constantly improving and refining our products. So, the product specifications mentioned are subject to be modified"  
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