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The demand for bakery products is on the rise in India. The middle class in India is consuming bread, biscuits and cakes, more than ever before. According to some studies, the total revenue of the bakery industry in India is worth 3 million dollars and every year this is rising.

There are many large and multinational companies who have entered the market with standardized and packaged products. Local bakers have also other challenges. These include the problem of finding skilled manpower, the rising costs of fuel and raw materials and the growing demand for packaged, standardized products.

However, local bakers can be more competitive by using modern automated equipment to improve their operational and cost efficiencies and profitability.

Safire Industries has provided equipment and know how to many baker businesses in and around Pune. Bakeries are using our equipment to automate their bakery, produce high quality biscuits, breads, cookies, a variety of baked snacks and cakes including dhokla and karanjiya.

Using our equipments bakeries are saving cost of fuel, improved their productivity and profitability.

The restaurant business is booming, with restaurants of all kinds, traditional Indian, fine dining, Continental, Chinese, Thai and many more.

The young generation also has expendable income and to cater to them there are many Resto Bars, Bistros, Cafes, Lounges also coming up, who serve different kinds of snacks, confectionaries, along with beverages, in a very international ambience.

Pune has become a hub for many industries and every year many foreign business travelers visit Pune. And so, many international hotel chains such as The Hyatt, Marriot and others have also set up business hotels which have restaurants serving international cuisine. Consumer trends and preferences are also changing. These days, consumers are attracted to international and exotic cuisine and preparations. Preparation and serving time is also become a criteria for consumers when they visit a restaurant. Quality of the preparation has always been important and will continue to be.

Using Safire’s ovens and deep fry equipment, restaurants can easily and quickly prepare exotic cuisine and dishes, which are ready to serve. Our gas fired bakery ovens, deck ovens and convection ovens can be used to only bake dishes but also in preparing a variety of dishes such as biryanis, tandoor item and a variety of Continental dishes. With our ovens and deep fry equipment, restaurant businesses can make high quality preparations, easily, very efficiently and saving on fuel costs.

Take Aways
With our equipment, you can easily set up a take away business, offering a variety of dishes from different kinds of biscuits, cakes, confectionaries, pizzas, deep fry items with chicken, different kinds of breads and a variety of snacks, Indian as well as Continental.

Our ovens and deep fryers are multi-purpose. You can make high quality food items which are highly standardized, so your customers get the same quality of items.

With our ovens and deep fry equipment, you easily start a food court business, a cafeteria or a counter sales take away counter.

Businesses can make high quality preparations, easily, very efficiently and saving on fuel costs.

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