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Yet again it's hard to beat the economy and efficiency of Safire's gas fired Kiton Oven.
There are several reasons:
Ideal for entire range of baked dishes, continental food and even pizzas.
Fully safe with automatic flame sensing microprocessor controller.
Even heating in a linear turbulent manner ensuring no uncooked portions remain.

Fully Automatic with actual flame sensing microprocessor sequenced burner controller with Flame on indicator and audio visual flame failure/fault alarm system. Fully safe.
Single microprocessor based thermostat. One temperature through the whole main baking area.
No bothering about top and bottom temperature settings on a deck. No burning of product on either the top or bottom while the other side stays raw.
Horizontal linear turbulent heat flow pattern (as per the latest oven theory) gives excellent bake quality unlike ovens with bottom and top heat sources.
Maximum temperature 300º C. (570º F.).
Full four sided Stainless Steel exterior body.
Internal baking Chamber is fully welded thick steel and painted on both sides with 600º C heat resistant paint thus the baking chamber has an extremely long life.
Insulation of up to 150mm. of Resin bonded mineral wool for excellent heat retention and life.
Solid 75mm. insulated doors with large double layered glass inspection windows on each door for excellent heat retention.
Doors open fully allowing full and easy access to the entire of the baking area making the oven extremely versatile.
Extremely efficient 300 + - 10 % grams/hours (under standard baking conditions for the 6 tray oven).
Extremely low electric consumption (15 watts for control systems and 50 watts for cabin lights) does not have any blowers, fans or other moving parts to go bad. Works on a 100 VA inverter.

Specs 6 Tray Oven 8 Tray Oven
Baking Decks 2 2
Baking Area 1070 mm X 510 mm  1070 mm X 660 mm 
Baking Surface 1.1 sq.m  1.41 sq.m 
Tray Size 332 mm X 510 mm  332 mm X 510 mm 
No. Of Trays 6 8
Additional deck space available 0.520 sq.m  0.700 sq.m 
Floor space 1525 mm X 1180 mm 1525 mm X 1340 mm
Inverter 100 VA 100 VA


"We are constantly improving and refining our products. So, the product specifications mentioned are subject to be modified"
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